01 June 2010

14 June 2010 This weekend saw Coca-Cola Enterprises and youth volunteering organisation vinspired helping festival goers rock ’n’ recycle at the Isle of Wight Festival.  They placed 30 volunteer-run recycling points across the festival site and ran a Swap for Swag Shop where revelers could trade plastic bottles and drinks cans for limited edition festival essentials made out of recycled PET.1 

The Swap for Swag Shop was hosted at the Coca-Cola Recycle Garden: a central chill out zone which was all about recycling: from the garden furniture to the clothes on volunteers backs, all was manufactured out of recycled PET.   Throughout the weekend, festival goers watched the garden grow as the bottles they swapped for swag were crushed into bales creating useable tables and chairs – a space to take a chill out moment amid the hectic festival buzz.   

Helping run the Recycle Garden was a team of 18-24 year old volunteers from vinspired.  These volunteers did a great job of ramping up enthusiasm for recycling and giving out bags to encouraging their peers to collect empty bottles and cans and swap them for limited edition swag at the Swap Shop.  Up for grabs were festival essentials like rain ponchos, torches and (a rare site at festivals) clean T-Shirts. 

What can festival goers Swap for Swag?
o 5 bottles for 1 Poncho 
o 10 bottles for 1 Torch
o 10 bottles for 1 Neck Tote
o 15 bottles for 1 Cap
o 20 bottles for 1 T-Shirt

Coca-Cola Enterprises aims to give all PET plastic bottles a second life - to take this plastic back, wash it, break it down and turn it into new PET bottles for the next round of festivities.  By 2012 Coca-Cola Enterprises will have 25% recycled PET is every plastic bottle it sells in Great Britain. 

The Isle of Wight’s 30 recycling points and Recycle Garden was all part of Coca-Cola Enterprises Keep It Going sustainable investment programme which, in partnership with Recoup and WRAP, has set up recycling points in high foot fall public spaces across the UK. Over 60 permanent recycling zones are currently in place in shopping centers, hospitals, theme parks and transport hubs. 

Coca-Cola Enterprises Recycling Director Patrick McGuirk said: 

“Coca-Cola Enterprises is committed to making recycling easier and fun. Throughout the summer, we are asking festival goers to rock ’n’ recycle. At the Isle of Wight festival, they swapped used plastic bottles for goodies made from recycled PET including some very cool t-shirts from our ‘Swap for Swag’ shop. 

It’s not just about recycling at the festival, it’s about inspiring people to recycle every bottle and can, every day. We want to show people what a difference recycling can make and the festival environment is a great place to spread this sustainability message.”

The Recycle Garden will be rolled across various festivals and events throughout the summer including Wakestock, V Festival, Sonisphere, Creamfields, London Pride and more.


Notes to the Editor:
1 PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a recyclable plastic that is commonly used for carbonated beverage and water bottles.

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