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Liverpool's John Lennon Airport Helps Passengers To Stay Green As They Travel

31 March 2013

March 2011: Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport today announced the launch of a new Recycle Zone scheme at its terminals, supported by Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (CCE). This will see 16 recycling collection points strategically placed around the terminal to encourage passengers to recycle bottles, cans, paper and card as they travel through the airport.  


Research suggests that the scheme will be particularly well received by visitors to John Lennon Airport. According to a survey conducted by CCE in 2010, a substantial 89 per cent of people in the North West of England believe that it is important to make ‘on-the-go’ recycling facilities accessible. Whilst 87 per cent of respondents from the North West recycle regularly (weekly or more) in their homes, over two thirds said that they would recycle more frequently if there were more public recycling facilities in their area*.    


Recycle Zoneis a public facility for recycling soft drinks packaging, developed and co-funded by CCE with the goal of encouraging people to recycle their cans and plastic bottles when they are away from home.  The Recycle Zone projectis a partnership between CCE and RECOUP that combines each organisation’s expertise and forms part of CCE’s wider Keep It Goingsustainable packaging programme; there are currently over 120 zones across Great Britain.


Patrick McGuirk, Recycling Director for CCE said: “Over recent years, recycling at home and in the workplace has become increasingly accessible. However, recycling options on the streets and other public areas remain few and far between. 


 “We are committed to reducing the impact of our packaging, and increasing public options for recycling is key for this.  We know that many of our products are consumed ‘on-the-go’, and so our goal is to provide convenient recycling solutions to make the process easier for consumers.”


Andrew Dutton, Head of Environment for Liverpool John Lennon Airport said, “This collaborative working has enabled the Airport to have a more holistic approach to passenger facing recycling. These collection points will encourage our passengers to recycle the waste they generate at the airport.”


Organisations can request more information about setting up Recycle Zones by visiting http://www.recycle-zone.co.uk/  or emailing rz@recoup.org.



* Data collated via Omnibus survey of 3,000 respondents in June 2010



For further information about Recycle Zones please contact Elisabeth Middlemas at 3 Monkeys Communications on cocacolaenterprises@3-monkeys.co.uk/ 020 7009 3100.   


Notes to the Editor:


About Coca-Cola Enterprises:

Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. is the world's third-largest independent Coca-Cola bottler.  CCE is the sole licensed bottler for products of The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) in Belgium, continental France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.


In Great Britain (GB) Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (CCE) employs around 4,500 people across England, Scotland and Wales at manufacturing sites, regional offices and depots.


CCE is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its products and operations, with a particular focus on sustainable packaging and recycling, water stewardship, and energy and climate protection.


Six of CCE’s manufacturing sites meet ISO14001 certification, the highest international standard for environmental management.  CCE has reduced its energy usage ratio across manufacturing operations in GB by 21% since 2001 and more than 99% of waste at sites is now recovered or recycled. 


All of CCE’s glass bottles are 100% recyclable and contain an average of 30% recycled materials; all plastic bottles are made from PET (polyethylene teraphthalate) and are 100% recyclable, and all CCE cans are made from 100% recyclable aluminium and contain around 50% recycled aluminium.


CCE calculates and publishes the CO2 emissions resulting from the manufacture and distribution of all its brands, and in 2007 CCE partnered with the Carbon Trust to measure all greenhouse gas emissions embodied within selected products in the portfolio.  For further information please visit www.cokecce.co.uk.


About John Lennon Airport

LJLA is one of the UK’s top 10 busiest airports with flights to over 60 destinations. In 2010, LJLA handled over 5 million passengers. Passenger numbers have increased seven fold since 1995, with the Airport moving from 20th to 10th busiest airport in the UK. In recent years, Liverpool has been one of the UK’s fastest growing regional airports.


About Recoup

Recoup are a plastics recycling consultancy based in Peterborough. For over 20 years, Recoup have been a key player in the recycling of plastics, through setting up schemes to collect plastics to producing guidance documentation around the recyclabililty of plastic packaging.


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