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Academia-University of Warwick


What made you choose Recycle Zone?

We chose Recycle Zone because of the opportunity to enhance existing recycling provision and target specific area of “recycling on the go”.

What was your level of previous recycling/landfill use prior to joining the scheme?



Is RZ a stand-alone scheme or part of a wider environmental strategy?

Part of the waste minimisation and recycling element of the University’s overall environmental strategy.


How was the zone launched internally and externally?

Intranet messages, posters, table flyers, personal communication with café staff and café users etc.  Launch by University Registrar in Oct 2008.  External press release etc.


What process did you undertake to introduce RZ?

Recoup offered useful advice in terms of linking directly to existing contractor responsible for removal of mixed recycling stream from across the campus.


What have been the consumer insights/ feedback?

Staff and students keen to see visible signs of recycling, so almost universally welcomed.  Link to CCE brand was initially discussed at feasibility stage, but concerns have not materialised over our period of involvement.


Did you have to take into account any special considerations to adhere to your site or environment?

Type of unit, location, servicing requirements etc.


What have been the main successes of having the RZ scheme on site?

Increased visibility of on-the-go recycling and complemented existing recycling schemes across the campus.


Was there anything you would do differently?

Improve means of collecting accurate data in terms of amount of material entering existing scheme through the RZ stream.  Better up-front briefing of staff responsible for servicing the facilities, the rationale behind their introduction etc.





What would be your main pieces of advice for a new zone joining the scheme?


  • Obtain buy in from all stakeholder groups
  • Get “back of house” sorted first
  • Tie in with existing arrangements
  • Make alternative “general waste”

facilities available at point of use

  • Keep it simple
  • Ensure feedback to the “coalface”


What have been the main benefits of the partnership with CCE and Recycle Zone?

Branding, profile, shared publicity etc.


How do you address issues of contamination?

Very limited contamination has been experienced due to the nature of the mixed recyclate being collected.  Quick visual check on emptying is undertaken.

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